The Project


The Boldon Camp Heritage Group has been formed to raise awareness of the existence in Tyneside of one of the last major “above ground” military complexes constructed prior to the start of World War Two. The site in question, is located to the east of East Boldon within South Tyneside, and little is known of the wartime history of the camp which is referred to as “East Boldon Anti-Aircraft Supply Depot (HER 1829)” in the Newcastle City Council Tyne & Wear Specialist Conservation Team document “A Guide to the Archaeology of the Twentieth Century Defence Sites of Tyne and Wear”.

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Defence Medal

The incorporation of the medal ribbon colours of the World War Two Defence Medal into the design of the “Boldon Camp Heritage Group” logo was an easy decision. The ribbon colours and their connection to the Defence Medal provide a lasting tribute to all those personnel who may never have left the shores of the United Kingdom during the war, but were active in the defence of the country from 1939 to 1945.

Eligibility for the Defence Medal was widespread amongst members of the Armed Force, Civil Powers and the Civilian Community, with Home Guard, Bomb Disposal, Medical Staff, ARP Staff, Police, Special

Constabulary, Fire Services, Auxiliary Fire Services, Observer Corps, WRVS, Messengers, Salvage Corps to name but a few being eligible for the medal after the war.