South Tyneside at War

HMS Kelly - Combat, Damage and Repair – May 1940

Designed by A.P.Cole/RCNC the “K” Class destroyers were the follow-on class to the “J” Class (1936 Programme) and followed the introduction of the “Tribal” Class destroyers which were designed to fulfil a definite function, being somewhat larger vessels built to work in conjunction with cruisers and give support to the normal fleet destroyer types...

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HMS Kelly

The A. Reyrolle & Co. Observation Post (A rare wartime survivor)

Located to one side of the “Hebburn Sports Club” car park, just off South Drive, in Hebburn, is a rare survivor from World War Two. A relic from the last war, that should no longer exist, but it does and what a relic it is!...

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HMS Kelly

Landing Craft Tank LCT7074 a Hawthorn Leslie D-Day Survivor!

On 7th June 1944, 20 year old Sub Lieutenant John Baggott, an as yet unqualified solicitor from Swindon was about to find his place in history. Baggott was an inexperienced officer of the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve who, along with the equally youthful Sub Lt Philip Stephens, was about play his part in the largest seaborne invasion in history...

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HMS Kelly

A.Reyrolle & Co. Wartime Production 1939 to 1945

Alphonse Reyrolle, a French electrical engineer, founded the company that bears his name at a site in Hebburn in 1901. The company specialised in electrical switchgear to serve the increasingly high voltages used in the developing electrical distribution industry. The switchgear needed to be very different from the light and socket switches we are used to in the home today. The operation of breaking a high voltage electrical circuit results in the generation of high energy sparks or arcs that can result in substantial damage, including welding the contacts closed with obviously dire consequences. The company developed and grew, coping well with the early death of its founder in 1919 at the age of 55.

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A.Reyrolle & Co. Wartime Production 1939 to 1945