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Throughout the South Tyneside and Sunderland area before and during the Second World War, there were many defensive structures built to support the defence of the region from aerial and seaborne attack.

Sadly very few of these defensive structures remain today. However, their part in the protection of the Tyne and Wear areas cannot be understated. They were a vital component in defending the regions industry and civilian population which were vital to the war effort.

In this section of the website, the “Boldon Camp Heritage Group” will pay tribute to the many thousands of service personnel, full time and part time, who manned these defensive positions throughout the Second World War, by recording the details of as many of these defensive locations as possible.

  • Lizard Lane AA Battery
  • Cleadon Heavy Anti-Aircraft Battery
  • The Lawe (Park) Battery
  • Red Barns Farm Heavy Anti-Aircraft Battery

Lizard Lane AA Battery


The remains of Lizard Lane Heavy Anti-Aircraft Gun Battery “Tyne S” (HER1795) occupies a level site within view of the North Sea. The battery site has been designated as a scheduled monument by English Heritage.

The Legal Status

This monument is scheduled under the Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Areas Act 1979 as recognised by the Secretary of State to be of national importance.

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Cleadon Heavy Anti-Aircraft Battery

The old Cleadon Heavy Anti-Aircraft Battery which was designated the code “Tyne O” with the current outline of the Sunderland Association Football Club’s training ground imposed over the original site layout.

Information exists to show that the site was derelict by 1956 with some demolition of the western portion of buildings which appear on the above plan to the left of the main gun positions to the right of the plan. By 1965 most of the western buildings had been demolished with those on the eastern side (right of plan) still remaining.

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The Lawe (Park) Battery

If you look at an aerial image of North Marine Park in South Shields, to the north end of the park, you will see a piece of land, bordered by pathways, in the shape of a semicircle. This area of land is what is known as “The Lawe” or more locally as “The Lawe Top”. An elevated piece of land, providing a great vantage point with a clear view over the North and South Piers at the mouth of the River Tyne and out to the far horizon of the North Sea.

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Red Barns Farm Heavy Anti-Aircraft Battery

In 2008, the Newcastle City Council Tyne & Wear Specialist Conservation Team’s document “A guide to the Archeology of the Twentieth Century Defence Sites of Tyne & Wear” classified Red Barns farm Heavy Anti-Aircraft Battery at the junction of Mill Lane and the A194 near Whitemare Pool Roundabout as an Important site, one of the few Munich Crisis batteries to survive, it was designated “Tyne D”.

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