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About Boldon Camp

The Boldon Camp Heritage Group has been formed to raise awareness of the historical importance of the now derelict Army Camp at East Boldon and the role it played in the defence of the Tyne and Wear areas during World War Two.

Boldon Anti-Aircraft Supply Depot is private land and not currently owned by Boldon Camp Heritage Group. For this reason, trespassing on this land is NOT encouraged by the group or its supporters. Doing so is an illegal act and could lead to prosecution if found guilty.

This website will highlight the importance of the Army Camp as a historical site which should be preserved as a tribute to the people of South Tyneside and the North East in general who endured hardship in those dark days between 1939 and 1945. It will also detail the “Ring of Steel” that was thrown around the region using anti-aircraft guns, coastal guns, rocket batteries, barrage balloons and searchlights as a defence against aerial and seaborne attack by the enemy.

Boldon Camp's History

East Boldon Anti-Aircraft Supply Depot (HER1829) is the last of its type in the North East of England. The sister site of this depot which provided ammunition etc. to the Anti-Aircraft Batteries located north of the River Tyne at Killingworth was demolished in 2014/15 with the land used for housing.

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Rita's Story

Very recently, Mr. Adam Bell of the South Shields Museum and Art Gallery in Ocean Road, kindly passed on a lead to the “Boldon Camp Heritage Group” regarding the daughter of Mr. William Henry Carney, who was the most senior civilian (Foreman i/c) of Boldon Camp from 1939 to 1960. Mr. Bell advised us that Mr. Carney’s daughter “Rita” was alive and well, living in York and wanting to meet members of our group.

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Ritas Story