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The Boldon Camp Heritage Group are looking for various forms of support to raise awareness about the existence and importance of “East Boldon Anti-Aircraft Supply Depot”

Donate to the cause

Our aims are well documented on the website and we are certainly looking for financial support to help us enhance this website and ultimately strive to save the “East Boldon Anti-Aircraft Supply Depot” from future development. Any financial support is welcome. Please visit our donate page by clicking on the “Donate” button where you will be redirected to our donations page.

East Boldon Anti-Aircraft Supply Depot

As befitting this website, we would like to hear from any members of the public or organisations that have specific information on the history and operation of the East Boldon Anti-Aircraft Supply Depot. We are particularly interested in obtaining a copy of the auction catalogue from when the camp was disposed of by the Ministry of Defence in the 1980’s.

General Wartime Information Wanted about South Tyneside

We would like to hear from any members of the public or organisation that has documents, photographs or ephemera relating to the World War Two defences which were located in the South Tyneside area, in particular the Anti-Aircraft and Coastal defences, Barrage Balloons, Military Structures such as pill boxes etc. Regular and Territorial Army Units, Home Guard, ARP and all other service and civilian organisations employed on the “Home Front” in the South Tyneside area during World War Two.


We want to grow this website by increasing the subjects covered in its content. We would be pleased to receive any articles for consideration on the website provided they are factually accurate, relate to South Tyneside at War and are all your own work.

Social Media

There is no escape from Social Media in this day and age, however it makes for an extremely useful tool in spreading positive publicity. The Boldon Camp Heritage Group would very much like you ‘the supporter’ to help drive our message in digital space by sharing our articles and news on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

Direct help

If this website has inspired you to help save “Boldon Camp” and you want to get involved with this heritage project, please contact us via the email address provided and we will be pleased to contact you in due course. This is a “not for profit” volunteer organisation and we are in the early stages of organisation. Your offer to help is important to us.

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