Boldon Camp Heritage Group

Thank you for choosing to make a donation to the Boldon Camp Heritage Group, your kind donation is very important to us.

Boldon Camp Heritage Group will use your donation wisely to promote the historical importance of Boldon Camp and the role it played in the defence of Tyneside and Wearside during World War Two and later. We shall do this by using our website and other means to raise regional awareness of this historic site.

Our ultimate goal would be to purchase the site and reconstruct the buildings to create “The Army Museum of the North” so that future generations can take pride in, and learn from the achievement of past generations.

Should Boldon Camp Heritage Group be unable to achieve this ambition, we would then attempt to secure a site of equal importance in this region.

In the event that we are unsuccessful, our intention would be to retain sufficient funds to maintain the website and its development.

After securing the websites immediate future, any surplus funds would be donated in equal amounts to two major UK charities that support surviving veterans and their families from all three services.

By selecting the “agree button” on this page, you are agreeing to allow your donation to the Boldon Camp Heritage Group to be used, based on the above conditions. You will then be directed to the donations page.

Should you wish to donate by other means, please contact us by email. We shall be pleased to hear from you and make suitable arrangements.

Thank you.